project: Barton Hill Tower Block EWI

client: Bristol City Council
location: Bristol 
duration: 20 months
value: £2,800,000

scope of works:

Repairs to existing render system
Over-rendering with reinforced render system
Replacing ground floor level render system with insulation & brick slip finish
Fitting aluminium window pods to ground floor
Application of a liquid waterproofing system to the tower block roofs

“CRL is a very competent company and we have had absolutely no issues during this contract”

Paul Jermy
Senior Surveyor
Bristol City Council

CRL specialises in the external refurbishment of residential property across the UK. Bristol City Council awarded CRL the contract for the renovation of Barton Hill Tower Blocks, an extensive project that required the installation of entirely new external envelopes to four 14 storey tower blocks.

The blocks were fully scaffolded with debris netting to provide safe working access. The original external wall insulation was re fixed to the building using non metallic fixings and a new render system was applied incorporating fabric mesh reinforcement.

At the ground floor the original system was replaced with new insulation and a brick slip finish.

To ensure the future performance of the building envelope, the tower blocks were re-roofed using a liquid applied membrane, applied over the original roofing systems to provide a seamless fully bonded waterproof covering. 

This was a very complex refurbishment scheme carried out with the tenants in occupation. CRL employed 100% of its workforce from the local community and provided skills training as the work

The Senior Surveyor on the Project for Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood and Housing department, Paul Jermy, commented “CRL is a very competent company and we have had absolutely no issues during this contract”.